Point Of Turning

There was a beach, a beutiful one. The Sun has been faded, people have already gone out there. The sea beauty was silent, allowing a reflection. Waves were my only company. Something that could be my friend, though that moment. My life always has been a beautiful symphony. However, no one has wanted listening this until this time.
That human forms, I have forgiven at all. Maybe, I was wrong. Or not. I'd never find this, if that fact did not happen in my life. All was doubt, before seeing her. I have been covered by a heavy fog, made for sorrows.
Suddently, I saw her. She had a rebel hair, but it was comb; had a pale skin and a bright in the green eyes, like two emeralds. She have looked at me, worn with a long blue gown. When she did it, she smiled and said:
- Don't be afraid. You have never been alone. I'm by your side, always, but I never could meet you.
It wasn't impossible, I was scared. I have never thought meeting someone at this place. It was so beautiful to being visited frequently. I asked:
- What are your objectives? Who are you? Why meeting me here? My confusion....
- This is our common subject. We need to talk about this...
(Continuação em Português)

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